F1 Italian Grand Prix 2008 and Italy round trip

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F1 Italian Grand Prix 2008 and round trip 8.9.-19.9.2008

Gran Premio Santander d'Italia 2008

It took almost 10 years to process our photos about the round trip to Italy in 2008. But better late than nothing.

We went first to Maranello for couple of the days. Weather was very warm and nice, and we saw more Ferraris that ever before. Galleria Ferrari is really recommended to visit. There were so many and rare nice cars to see.

We came back to Milan and see the city a bit. We were going to pit lane walk on Thursday but accidentally we took train to Lecco. So, we were late for pit lane walking but got good ice cream next to lake Como.

Weather changed for Italian Grand Prix. Heavy rain started in Friday and the first free practice must stopped. We were so wet and needed to buy dry shirts. It was so muddy everywhere. Rest of the weekend was also rainy but luckily there weren’t any more monsoon. Kimi Räikkönen and Lewis Hamilton didn’t think that rain will be a bit heavier and their qualification results were so bad. Sebastian Vettel took his first pole position by Toro Rosso and Heikki Kovalainen was 2nd.

We think that it’s so easy for Heikki for win the race. But it wasn’t. Vettel had the lead until end and won his first race. It was disappointing for us. But we went to the podium ceremony. Weather started to change, and rain was already stopped.

After the race we went to Lake Garda on Monday. We spent couple of the days in Riva del Garda. That place was so nice. We drove around by cycles that included in our accommodation in Villa Bellaria. Accidentally we noticed Adac Trentino Classic and managed to see many old cars there. For the last day we went to amusement park, to Gardaland. That was nice ending for the holiday.


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