Formula 1 Gran Premio D'Italia 2007

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Formula 1 trip to Italian GP in Monza 2007


About the trip

Was it a good trip? Absolutely! We arranged itself everything and costs were about 1000 euros, included tickets and Ferrari shirts. Even you have a chance to see live broadcast like from TV on stand from the screen you really don’t have time to watch it so much. It was so interesting to see very fast cars on the track, and hear them! The sound of F1 is unbelievable and I want to hear it again. Formula 1 weekend is almost as busy as a rally weekend in Jyväskylä. We would need few extra days for visiting more in Milan and looking around. You should not forget Italian food what is really delicious. If you’re a formula 1 fan, I really recommend you to travel somewhere to see them. Where would I go on the following season…


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