Aerial Photography

Known loaction but unknown view. Aerial photography is a way to show a new view to very common places and locations. This has been hard before until drones has been developed. Drones are getting cheaper all the time and they’re better and better so everybody has had a chance to shoot aerial photos or video.

Even drones are pretty easy to fly they don’t shoot without control. Photographer is still the person who decides shooting direction, elevation, distance etc. and know that light must be also good the purpose you’re shooting.

I took about 30 - 150 photos during the session. After elimination of poor ones you’ll see about 30 - 50 images where you’ll select 2 best shots.

Customer get 2 carefully post-processed images. DVD will include low and high resolution images. Besides DVD you’ll get a private web gallery with selected images for six months.

If you feel that 2 images are too few we can make a deal of more portraits. I can process more images at rate 15 € / image.

  • Photos delivered 2
  • Extra photo 15 €
  • Travel costs up to 50 km
  • Private web gallery for 6 months
  • Free access rights
  • Commercial usage

Price: 150 €

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