Secto Rally Finland 2023

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A couple of weeks had passed since the previous World Rally Championship trip, and a new one followed immediately as the Secto Rally Finland 2023 took place in early August. The rally conditions were the rainiest I have ever experienced. Some field parking places were closed due to the fields becoming too soft. Wellies and rainproof clothing came in handy on several special stages. Fortunately, we managed to avoid the worst downpours along the route.

This year, I had to skip Saturday's stages due to a family celebration. I still made it to the final Himos-Jämsä super stage on Sunday. Due to other adventures, we didn't have bicycles with us this year, which led to more walking. Because we didn't have bikes, we didn't make it to the start of the Myhinpää special stage, so we turned back from there. The walk would have been about 3 km one way. The expectations for Finnish success were high, but unfortunately, they slipped into the bushes already on Friday. Despite this, there were still many people along the route. Like the Estonian rally, we stayed in a Tesla, and the air conditioning ensured comfortable sleep as the rain pattered outside. We weren't the only ones who had come to watch the rally with an electric car. In the Myhinpää roadside parking, there were even 4 electric cars lined up in a row.

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